Why Cohousing?

Cohousing, which began in Denmark, arrived in the U.S. in the 1980s. Today there are cohousing communities throughout the world, with more than 100 in the U.S alone.

Cohousing offers individuals and families the opportunity to live in their own private, fully-equipped homes, with extensive common facilities. The presence of these shared amenities allows residents to live in a more compact space, with resulting lower construction and heating costs.

The shared facilities -  Common House, central  green and the like – creates more opportunities for interaction than a typical neighborhood. Knowing your neighbors creates opportunities for sharing, mutual support, and community fun.

   The houses have porches and gardens that face the common green.

The houses have porches and gardens that face the common green.

Some advantages of living in Bristol Cohousing

Sense of neighborhood

  • The design of the community promotes opportunities for casual interaction, since each home is oriented toward the common green

  • Community activities – some shared meals, planned group activities, outdoor projects –help build a close knit neighborhood Residents are involved in the development and management of the community so that the neighborhood reflects their priorities.

Shared facilities

Individual homes can be smaller because shared space can accommodate necessary but only occasionally used spaces  BVC has substantial shared facilities. These include:

  • A Common House with a large dining room and kitchen, 3 guest rooms, and 3 multi-purpose rooms that can accommodate various activities

  • A common green for outdoor play and relaxation

  • An activity barn for workshop space and other common uses

  • Community gardens

  • Storage units

Energy efficiency

  • Our units will be built to Efficiency Vermont’s High performance standard. This means savings on your energy costs.

  • Our development will be net zero ready, so we can avoid climate-warming fossil fuels


  • We are located in the center of Bristol, a very walkable town. You will not need your car for most activities in your daily life. Schools, restaurants, shopping, recreation, banks and the post office are all a short walk away.

  • Public transportation, the town green and town hall are virtually adjacent to our property

  • The availability of so many nearby town amenities (library, playground, gym) means we don’t have to duplicate these on site.

Safety, support and shared fun for families

  • Safe places for children to play, indoors and out

  • Safe and convenient opportunities to walk to friends’ homes in all weather.

  • Potential carpooling to children’s activities.

  • Help with pet care when needed.