Who We Are…

We are a group of individuals and families, Vermonters and non-Vermonters alike. Some of us lived in the Bristol area before BVCH was established and were interested in downsizing but remaining in the village. Some of us wanted to relocate from an urban area to a small Vermont town, to enjoy a low-key, walkable lifestyle. Some of us endeavored to live with a smaller carbon footprint, in a home built to the highest energy-performance standards. And some of us were looking for a community designed to promote casual interaction and easy sociability, where kids could play in safety and neighbors could lend each other a hand.

We are not affiliated with any organization, religious or otherwise. We are simply a loose collection of folks who are determined to find a better way of living – simpler lifestyles, the support of community, less reliance on fossil fuels.

Our work together on this project has given us opportunities to get to know each other better and to share the occasional meal, cup of coffee and bouts of laughter.

We hope you will join us!