What should I do next?

Please let us know of your interest in our project, and we can arrange for a site visit and to discuss further details.

If, after meeting with us, you think you would be interested in joining our community, please consider joining as an Associate Member. This level of participation will enable you to attend and express your opinions at our community meetings. To join, please ask us for an associate membership application. Then we request that you mail it to us with a non-refundable deposit of $250. Please make out your check to Bristol Village Cohousing and mail your application and payment to:

Jim Mendell, Membership Coordinator        Bristol Village Cohousing     c/o 159 Lost Road     St. George, VT 05487

If, after becoming an associate member,  you decide you are ready to purchase one of our units, please fill out the full membership form and mail it to us with your non-refundable additional deposit of $500. This level of participation will enable you to have a vote at our community meetings as we approve plans going forward.

To reserve the unit of your choice, you will be required to make a down payment on that unit at the time we secure construction financing. This payment will be refundable if you cannot go forward with the purchase and the unit is sold to another buyer.