Site Plan


Bristol Village Cohousing is located on North Street on a deep 2.5 acre lot. The development plan, now completed, was permitted by the Town of Bristol and included the following highlights:

  • Convert an existing colonial house (built in 1813) into a duplex with two large, townhouse-style 2 and 3 bedroom units.

  • Retain only the façade of an existing colonial-style building, constructing a new fourplex behind it with four 1 and 2 bedroom flats.

  • Create a new triplex, with two 1 bedroom flats connected to a two bedroom townhouse. Click here to see details

  • Retain a spectacular Italianate House (built in 1863) and give it new life as a Common House, to be used by the members of the Bristol Village Cohousing and local community.

  • Build five energy-efficient 3 bedroom cottages in the rear of the development.

The community will be built around a common green, with additional space for community gardens. Two large barns will be retained for storage and workshops. There is on-site parking, with handicapped spots near some units.