Bristol Cohousing Update

Hi Cohousers:

We are happy to acknowledge the arrival of spring – the snow has receded, the crocuses are up, and daylight stretches well past 8 at night. And with the earth’s reawakening has come the emergence of homebuyers, just in time for our scheduled June move-in date. So now is a good time to announce our next Member Meeting, on Sunday, April 23 from 1 – 4 pm at 16 North Street (the future Common House). Please enter through the front porch so as not to unduly disturb the tenants. Our agenda includes:

Public portion:

·       Introduction of members and member wannabes

·       Updates on construction

·       Marketing and member updates

·       Questions from guests/associates

Member portion:

·       Common House suite and furnishing

·       Storage 

·       Garden brainstorm

·       Questions about closings

·       Committees 

·       Google Drive primer

·       Other business as time allows

For those interested in a tour, please contact Jim at (802) 734-0798, or to give him a heads up. He stands ready to show you around at noon, before the meeting. 

BVCH Energy Forum

Our cohousing community hosted a very successful energy forum on April 9, with presentations by Matt Sharpe of VEIC, Jean Terwilliger of Vermont Integrated Architects and Chris Marion of Bristol Electronics. We learned about the programs and subsidies offered by VEIC for above-code energy efficiency, and the steps BVCH has taken to meet VEIC’s High Performance standards. And we learned about the new micro-inverter technology that powers the solar panels now installed on our roofs. There was a construction slide show, a small solar panel to examine up close, and a lively Q and A that illustrated our audience’s engagement.

Thanks to the presenters and everyone who participated in the event, including the BVCH families who provided delicious snacks and led the pre-presentation tours. We fully appreciate the time taken away from essential weekend tasks, like packing up your current home in preparation for our move!

Welcome to our newest member

The spring home buying season has been good to BVCH. We have given lots of tours and attracted attention from a few families who are seriously considering buying into our community. Our offer of $3000 cash-back for those who can close by June 30 has hastened the process for some who have been eyeing our development as it progressed. 

We have also increased our national presence with a story and advertisement on the National Cohousing website. Having seen our listing, Martha Fulda flew to Vermont from her home in North Carolina in early April. She decided to join our community by the end of the weekend. She will be moving into the upper east flat at 14 North St. We are excited to have her join our community, and look forward to hearing stories about her 500 mile walk on Spain’s El Camino trail. 

We still have both 2 and 3 bedroom units for sale, including our permanently affordable unit. So make sure you contact us soon if you would like to join our community.  Theperson to contact:  Jim. He’s available to discuss details and make arrangements for a tour.

A Word about the Waterworks

Some extremely territorial poodles have disrupted our usual dog-walking pattern, so our family has been exploring new places to give our pups a taste of the outdoors. Luckily, we stumbled upon the Waterworks property in Bristol, off Plank Road. This 664 acre parcel includes several ponds and streams, a marsh, forests, meadows and an elaborate trail system. There are a few picnic tables by the reservoir, the largest body of water in the park. The Waterworks is host to a variety of community events and educational activities, many organized by the Watershed Center, a local citizen’s group.

On our most recent visit, we enjoyed the sound of the peepers, small frogs that announce the arrival of spring with their striking chorus. Theirs is a song of awakening and yearning and celebration – the pond ice has melted, and they are looking for love (or, in any case, a mate). Even those of us who are non-amphibians are moved by their cries – we too have had our fill of winter and are longing for the changing season. 

We – dogs and all – are looking forward to watching the progression of wildflowers, bird song and wildlife as they emerge in the park, while early spring moves into summer. 

What’s new?

Double building crews are moving about our North Street location, working long hours and weekends to ensure that our new homes will be ready for move in on June 1. We are now at the stage of finish work on the cottages and 8 and 14 North St, with flooring, cabinetry and trim defining each new home’s eventual look. Even 12 North Street, the last building to be completed, will be getting its insulation and drywall in the next few days.

Work is set to begin on the interior of 16 North Street in early May, including an electrical upgrade, a new sprinkler system and plaster repair in the elegant hallways. 

Our site crew, led by Bristol-resident Josh Masterson, has been doing the “rough grading” of our common yard, defining where the paths, parking and central green begin and end. Their work will prepare the ground for the spring plantings scheduled to begin early next month.

That’s it for now – hope to see you all on Sunday!

Peg and Jim


Bristol Village Cohousing