Bristol Village Cohousing Grand Opening

Hi Cohousers and friends:

Yes, we know there’s been a hiatus of about 3 months since our last communication, and you may be wondering what calamity may have befallen us. I’m happy to report that the event that derailed our communication was simply the glorious Vermont Summer – boating adventures, summer camp, late nights on the screened porch. And also moving out of former homes, moving into our new ones, unpacking, and living in temporary chaos.

Finally, the dust has settled and the blush of fall colors has emerged on the surrounding mountainsides. So here is a report on recent (and pending) events in the peaceful confines of Bristol Village Cohousing.

But first, we want to make sure to invite you all to our coming out party:

Please join us for the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting to celebrate our new community on Sunday October 15 from 2 – 5. There will be a brief ceremony, music, lawn games (weather permitting), snacks, tours and general good vibes. Root 7, our favorite local a capella group, will be performing from 3 – 3:30, with a music jam by local musicians to follow.

Please enter our community through the front doors at 16 North Street. There is no on-site parking, but spaces are available nearby in the village, including around the village green. If you can RSVP we will have a better idea of expected guests, and make sure to bake enough cookies.

A very brief update

We are now a residential community of nine households, with three more families scheduled for move-in within the next month. There has been serious interest in the remaining two units, so be sure to call us if you would like to view them or be put on our waiting list. Jim (802-734-0798jim.mendell@gmailcom) is always eager to give tours or talk about our project.

Despite the prolonged process of unpacking, we have found time for a few community projects. Barry’s bagpipe serenade drove a flock of pigeons from their cushy digs in the south barn – in fairness, not everyone likes Scottish music. As planned, we then sealed up the window openings, and now the pigeons gather forlornly on the roof, homeless (and not homing) pigeons now. I’m not going to say we feel no guilt about this situation. Still, we’re happy to have solved our pigeon problem

To build on this achievement, a group of community members stripped away remnants of the old barn addition that were still clinging to the main structure. The barn now looks like a smaller cousin of the cottages, taking its place around the green like a scrappy little family member. Thanks to Don for coordinating this project.

Another workday endeavor – led by Mollie, Pennie and landscape architect Katie Raycroft-Meyer – was the planting of four rain garden beds. They should absorb the water from the storm run-off, and as a bonus, attract pollinators to our planned veggie gardens.  And they’re kinda nice to look at too.

And finally, Ba, Niko and Valerie have made the Peake House the showcase it was always meant to be. Paintings adorn the walls, and furnishings from our former homes have made it a cozy, welcoming gathering spot. We have a dedicated guest room, a craft project/guest room, a playroom, and a library. The two front parlors are available for Thursday evening light yoga and Sunday afternoon community meetings. And there is our own little Café – the part of the kitchen that is not meant for cooking. Instead, it is used for board games, internet browsing, afternoon drowsing and just getting a change of scenes ie an escape from the unpacked boxes in our homes.

Once things truly settle down, we’ll be back in touch, returning to our monthly update schedule.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!

Peg and Jim

Bristol Village Cohousing


P.S. Here is a link to other pictures documenting some of our work teams in action:.Bristol Village Çohousing Photos, Aug & Sept 2017