BVCH Update: Ground Breaking Ceremony Coming Soon

Hi Cohousers:

We are enjoying some wet weather, a good time to huddle up in front of the computer and write the latest update to you all.

First up – a reminder that our next Member Meeting is set for 3pm, Sunday, May 15 at 8 North Street. This meeting is for members and those who are seriously considering joining our community. Our agenda so far: 

·      Review of the site plan and opportunity for input on private and common spaces

·      Permanently affordable units and the plan for financing them

·      Setting up our governing structure

·      Planning for our Ground Breaking Ceremony! 

There may also be some discussion with our architects as well. 

We are looking to set a firm time, and will send a brief email once it is finalized.

Construction loan

We signed the commitment letter with the Northfield Savings Bank for our construction loan! The bank will undertake an appraisal of the entire project and a site assessment, and if everything turns out okay, we should be able to begin construction on schedule. Keep your fingers crossed!

Construction news

Ba, Anne, Peg and Jim met with our architects and builders to go over the final design plans for 8 and 12 North Street and the cottages. Stewart Construction is going to use these plans to bid out this portion of the project to various subcontractors. Today we applied for the state building permit for 8 and 12 North – we should hear back from the state in early June.

Since there is more interest in cottages with a first floor bedroom, we are contemplating using this floor plan for the two unsold cottages – we still have time to decide this, as the cottages do not require state permits. Let us know if you agree that a first  floor bedroom is the way to go.

Our target date to begin construction is July 1! Before then, we will begin to remove some scraggly trees and stake out the building sites. The actual construction will begin with the site work - demolition of most of 12 North Street, laying the foundations for the new structures, installing septic, water lines and the like. Then we will begin with the renovation of 8 and 12 North Street. Work on 14 North Street and the cottages will be next. The minor work required on 16 North Street will likely fill in slow periods during construction. We expect the whole project to be completed within a year.

The Common House

The last tenant will be moving out of 16 North Street in June, and Maura Donnelly and 4 year old son Simon will be moving in sometime in August. Maura has agreed to be the guardian of the property, making sure the front lawns are mowed, that visitors will be welcomed and that construction materials are secured. The Donnelly’s will occupy an upstairs bedroom and the kitchen, and BVCH will have the use of the front rooms for meetings and the like.

 Maura and Simon are the sixth family in our community, planning to move into the upstairs flat at 14 North Street. We are thrilled that they have agreed to join us!

Salt Lake City, here we come

Jim and Peg will be attending the National Cohousing meeting in Utah on May 20 & 21. We are planning to attend workshops on affordability, conflict resolution, downsizing and marketing. We hope to come back armed with the latest information on national trends, and to find a family or two that yearns to move to a small town Vermont. We’ll keep you posted.

Sitting pretty

Through the magic of Front Porch Forum, we acquired some folding chairs at a steep discount from a neighbor. These will be handy for BVCH meetings and events. Thanks to Common Ground Center for lending us their chairs in the past – but now we won’t have to keep schlepping them about. Yay!

 See you all soon!

 Peg & Jim