Photo Gallery and Videos

Check out these photos of our project in this link to a Google Photo album Bristol Village Cohousing Photo Gallery 10-4-16. It includes a 3D view of the site, the historic Italianate Peake House that will serve as our Common House, the Tomasi House built in 1810 that will become a duplex, our two red barns, construction of one of the single family houses, and the preservation of the front wall of the Quadraplex at 12 North Street that is currently being demolished (see the videos below). 

Here is a video of the front wall of 12 North Street rising up. The original wall is being preserved to be added to the building when it is reconstructed to retain the look of nineteenth century Bristol.

This is a video of the demolition of 12 North Street. Enjoy the sound of the building coming down.

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