Bristol Village Cohousing Update--November 24, 2015

Hello Cohousing Friends:

Mark your calendars! 

We’ve got our designs ready, pricing for each of the 14 units, and we are ready to share the exciting progress on the project. We think you’ll be pleased! 

Please join us at one of two upcoming Informational Meetings:

Howden Community Hall, 19 West Street, Bristol

Thursday, Dec 3, 7 – 9 pm.

The Unitarian Universalist Society in Middlebury, Fenn House Chapel.

Sunday Dec 6th  2 – 4 pm. (Childcare will be provided on Sunday.)

We’ll have an updated site plan, designs and a description of some of our special features. We’re looking forward to any feedback and to answer your questions. All of the units will be built to Efficiency Vermont’s High Performance standard. We believe we are only the second cohousing project in the country to achieve this standard.

Please tell your neighbors and anyone you think might be interested in hearing about our project. It would be great if you could RSVP ( But come even if you haven’t. 

Thanks to the folks at Vermont Integrated Architecture, Katie Raycroft-Meyer, and Stewart Construction for helping us come up with some pretty cool plans and designs! 

A big next step…

… will be to demolish the barn behind #12 North Street and part of the barn behind #8. This will help us get a better idea of what the Common Green will look like, and how the site will lay out. Katie Raycroft-Meyer has been finishing up her design for the site, which we will share at the December meetings in Addison County.

Bristol Village Cohousing is seeking more members

We are ready to expand our group, and find others who are interested in the possibilities: a walkable community in the center of town, smaller energy-efficient homes, a grand old house for shared activities. If you or someone you know is interested in this, contact us: (

Units will be available on a first come, first serves basis, so the early committed members have their choice of residence. We are also working on a cash-back at closing offer for early pre-construction buyers. Stay tuned for details.

 Our new website is up and running!

Same old web address, but whole new look! Our new website has our latest detailed plans, and highlights what we are about. Please share this with anyone who might be interested in our development. We are also now listed on the Cohousing Association of the United States website. Thanks to Jim, Peg, Candelin and Eva Pasquale for their website work!

Finance & Legal Committee update

Aside from planning the December meeting, we are working on construction financing and loans for buyers. 

  • George, Jim and Peg have been pounding the pavement, showcasing our plans and pointing out the benefits our proposed community offers.  We are searching for funding to provide down payment assistance for some of our households, so folks without equity can afford a home. If you have any ideas, please let us know:
  • Our lawyer Liam Murphy is drafting the condominium association agreement. This will be a document for the members to review, modify if needed and seek consensus to adopt. We need to do this to get bank financing. Details to come.

Bonus features: Through the magic of email, we are attaching a rendering of a typical interior of one of our cottages. It was designed by Jean Terwilliger, our architect and design consultant at Vermont Integrated Architecture (VIA).

We are also attaching a recent rendering of the site plan drawn by our landscape architect Katie Raycroft-Myers. The buildings were designed by VIA.

That’s it for now folks, until next time. Looking from hearing from each of you and hope to see you in early December!

Peg, Jim, Robert, Candelin, George and Jill

Bristol Village Cohousing